"I use adjustments more in my classes now and as a result I feel more
alert and energized when I'm teaching...my class size has been growing"

-- Shawn Kennedy, yoga teacher

The Art of Assists For Yoga Teachers
Module 1 of Steve & Talya's Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers Series

Take your teaching to a higher level.  Learn how to effectively touch your students from master teachers Steve & Talya.  The depth of learning that comes from this program results in more confidence and the ability to command a class with finesse and Grace.  It’s like finding a secret decoder ring that makes easy something that has been so elusive to so many yoga teachers for eons.  

This comprehensive DVD learning program gives you clear views and explanations of how to effectively give hands-on assists to your students.  Regardless of which yoga style you teach, you will develop the mastery necessary to help your students deepen their practice while staying free of injury.  

Both the DVD and the accompanying manual take you from the beginning to the end of each assist in a way that will imprint it in your memory.  The assists apply to all yoga backgrounds. Over time your popularity will skyrocket as word gets around of your new skills.  While we can’t promise you’ll become an instant rock-star, you will definitely get an invaluable edge.  Your students will LOVE you for this.   

This program includes:
1 DVD of 17 basic poses and 11 advanced poses
A 68-page full color manual, complete with pictures and instructions for quick referencing
Inclusion in a private online community for additional support

Basic Poses:

- Seated Side Bend - Triangle
- Seated Spinal Twist - Half Moon
- Bridge - Pyramid
- Dolphin - Twisting Warrior
- Up Dog - Dancer
- Sun Salutations - Wheel
- Reverse Warrior - Pigeon
- Interlock/Extended Warrior

- Twisting Pigeon

  - Savasana

Advanced Poses:

- Handstand / Forearm Balance - Jumping Into Crow
- Lifting Into Handstand - Lifting From Crow Into Handstand
- Full Twining Vine

- Lifting From Titibasana Into Handstand

- Visvamitrasana       Straddle
- Yogi(ni) Dandasana - Dropbacks Into Wheel
- One-Legged Crow - Viparita Dandasana

Investment: $78 for the DVD and the 68 page full-color manual

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The accompanying manual (a sample page):

Praise for Hands-On Teaching:

"This is a thoughtful guide for stepping into the exploration of making meaningful adjustments considerate of the safety of the Student and Teacher, and cognizant of the emotional and energetic elements."

-- Robert Boustany, Master Teacher, Founder of Pralaya Yoga

"While it is ideal to go to a live workshop to receive and retain this information, this system is the next best thing, addressing the many layers of hands-on assists & enabling me to practice, and excel in, the adjustments. I appreciate the verbal cuing, the clear demonstrations, and the efficiency of each assist. It is through offerings such as these that yoga teachers build confidence and evolve while enriching their classes and the experience of their students. As a teacher and studio owner I recommend that every yoga teacher own this DVD."

-- Kim Greeff, Evolve Yoga Studio owner,

   senior yoga teacher

“I used to be shy about giving hands-on assists – feeling like I was going to hurt someone, not knowing what adjustments to give etc. After working with Steve & Talya my progress is nothing short of remarkable. I now have the confidence about where to put my hands, and how to move someone. I understand the motions and the actions of the assists, and I can give someone an assist while continuing to teach the entire class. That’s how natural it feels now.”

-- Abby Hall, yoga teacher