"As my body has slowly opened and strengthened, my mind has also opened and
begun to remove the layers of doubt and fear. One thing that has changed
dramatically is my "I can't" attitude; I learned what I can do!"

-Marissa Nunez

Created by Talya Ring & Sky

Research shows that babies that are around parents who exercise are more likely to lead healthier life-styles. It makes perfect sense. Babies watch and imitate their parents all the time. Imagine the benefit of having your baby not just watch you, but be an active participant in your yoga practice. If you have a baby that's not yet crawling or if you know someone who does, take this class. It's a great way for mommy to spend an hour with her baby.

Healing your body after giving birth is no small task. All kinds of conditions develop during pregnancy and birth.  Whether you have diastasis recti, underwent a cesarean, experienced significant tearing during delivery, or just had your belly grow and your body change (i.e. every single woman), you need to nurse your muscles back to health in very specific ways to ensure maximum recovery.  For vaginal births this process can begin as early as 1 week post birth.  For cesareans, 6 weeks.  But speaking realistically, who has the time so soon post-birth to focus on their body?  Our babies need us almost constantly, and that often means that we have very little time, if any, to devote to ourselves.  But our babies also need stimulation and benefit tremendously from moving their bodies and exercising their brains in ways that encourage their development.  That's where Mommy and me classes with Talya and Sky come in.

Talya weaves together practices that are specific for mommy's post-partum recovery and for baby's growth. Baby doesn't lay on the mat looking up at mommy as she does yoga.  Talya incorporates baby into the practice in ways that spur baby's progress.  Mommy doesn't waste precious time on extraneous poses, or worse, on poses that hinder her healing.  Talya uses targeted poses to maximize the benefit mommy gets from the practice.  And the classes are designed to adapt to your body's and baby's changing needs as time goes by.

These classes are appropriate for babies who are not yet crawling.

What to bring: receiving blanket, baby carrier/wrap, visually interesting toy.

To teach these Mommy And Me classes: contact us for training and licence details

To attend an ongoing class in Chicago: classes are currently on hiatus.

To purchase our Mommy And Me video: $20.