"I fell & herniated 3 discs. I'm a physical therapist; physical therapy & massage weren’t
alleviating my pain. Since committing to frequent Turbodog Yoga classes I have
begun playing competitive tennis again. I feel immensely grateful...”

–Stacey Knowles
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On Hiatus:

Starting January 1, 2016 we are going on a teaching hiatus.

Can't get to one of our classes? You can now take class with us whenever you want.
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And now you can enjoy yoga snacks, for those days when you only have 20 or 30 minutes.


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Great Upper Back-Shoulder-Neck Practice, Sep 5, 2015:
Not long ago, upper back, shoulder and neck tension were proving to be a real pain in my butt (haha). Pain in these areas is almost always a matter of bad alignment - i.e., pushing head forward, rounding shoulders, slouching... Sound familiar? Most people have some, if not all of these going on. The head is supposed to sit squarely at the top of the spine. [ 553 more words. ] Read more