"I love Talya's tenacity. She's bright & perceptive & sees to the core of her students' issues.
She has grown into having an honest & bold vulnerability in her teaching.
She has a beautiful & unique energy & I am really proud of her. "

-Ana Forrest

Our Online Classes:

Sometimes you don't have time for a full yoga meal with an appetizer, entree and dessert (i.e. the 90min or 2 hour experience.) But a 20 or 30 minute yoga snack is better than going hungry. Seriously, it will make the whole rest of your day feel so much better.  And they're only $8!  A bargain! 

This is a 20min hip flexors snack with Steve.

Additional Yoga Snacks:
Hips & Twists with Talya

Shoulders with Steve


Snacks are free with your Turbodog Yoga membership.