JUNE 12 - 14, 2014
Part of the Turbodog Yoga 500hr Certification Teacher Training (open to non-teachers)
Also counts toward Continuing Education hours for Yoga Alliance
Turbodog Yoga, Chicago, IL

There are many different classes on anatomy for yoga. They basically teach the names of muscles, names of bones, and what attaches where. There's a lot of memorization, in Latin. Sometimes there's coloring. This will be a much different experience. The few days you will spend with Robert in this training will skyrocket your understanding of useful information which you will be able to apply immediately in your classes to help open and heal your students' bodies.

Our fascia forms throughout our entire body and has a huge effect on how everything functions, from our muscles to our organs, from our energy to our emotions, and everything in between. You will learn to teach your students how to work within their poses in a way that releases their fascia. Imagine being able to easily bring that quality of release and relief to your classes!

Furthermore, Robert's tried and tested methods have been shown to heal even chronic injuries, time and time again, in an incredibly short span of time.

As a result of his incredible humility, Robert learns from all sources, continually shaping his offerings to be phenomenally effective and accessible.

Don't miss this opportunity to spend 3 days with a true old-school master yogi!

Training Schedule

8am to 6pm with a 1 hour lunch-break

Investment: $825

(cost of the entire module, which includes 2 days on nutrition with Ellen Heed and 2 days of post-partum & problem-solving for injuries and stuckness with Steve & Talya, is $1,500)

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