A 500hr Certification Yoga Teacher Training
Turbodog Yoga

The Turbodog Yoga 500hr Teacher Training is a comprehensive program that transcends conventional yoga programs with a powerful fusion of ancient ceremony and modern physiology. It is designed for teachers of any yoga background interested in attaining a level of mastery in their teaching. You will celebrate meaningful advancements in both your technical abilities, as well as in your personal growth and development.  And if you get stuck, we’ve got Ganesh on speed dial to clear your path...

As your confidence soars, so will your love of teaching.  Turbodog’s program is designed to bring you a whole new set of skills, with a depth and detail that far surpasses a 200-hour program.  You will learn the nuances that make teaching compelling, the secrets to motivating students, the know-how for growing your teaching business...  BUT WAIT, there’s more!  You’ll also learn how to guide your students through their emotional process and to become a catalyst that brings forth their highest selves.

Steve & Talya will engage you in levels of personal power that you didn’t know you had and help you become the great leader and role model that you are.  As you grow into your potential, you will serve as an inspiration to your students, fellow teachers, and the world around you.   

Training Schedule

Our curriculum is taught over four 7-day modules and meets the 500 hr requirements for Yoga Alliance certification.  

Each training day goes from 8am to 6pm with a 1-hour lunch break.

The Modules

Be on the cutting edge and use the latest science to get meaningful results for your students! These modules go far beyond traditional yoga to address the needs of people today.  You will learn techniques and practices which will elevate your sequencing, your assists, and your ability to offer advice and insights in a way that sets you apart from nearly every other teacher. You will develop the tools necessary to attain a level of expertise desired by many but attained by few.

The modules can be taken in any order and are also available to teachers who want to deepen their skills without committing to the full program.

The Poetry of Teaching (this module has been postponed)
Rise above simply leading a yoga class.  In this first module we will show you how to take your students on an experiential journey.  You will learn how to weave together your pose choices, your cues, and your sequences in a way that supports a compelling class theme, bringing your students to a greater depth of self-exploration and discovery.

Our unique approach will teach you to be a masterful and natural teacher.  You will feel so prepared and so congruent with the material that your personality can easily shine through, allowing you to be authentic and spontaneous.  Your teaching will seamlessly shift and mold to address the physical and emotional needs of the group. Personal, relevant teachings which arise from your own experience will be at your fingertips to weave into your themes and share with your students.  Badda Bingo.

With this mastery as a foundation, planning and leading workshops and retreats will become exciting, fun, and lucrative.  These types of events create strong bonds among your students and will help you build your community.  You need to know this stuff.

Process & Ceremony -- Intentional Healing (this module has been postponed)

Infusing your yoga with spiritual practices such as shamanic journeys, Native American ceremonies, and energy- and process-work elevates the potency of your teaching, allowing you to use it very deliberately as a powerful healing tool.  You will learn to weave your own creativity into the various ceremonies and processes in order to create meaningful practices with your own stamp on them for your students.  With this strong foundation you will be able to lead healing work in any area.

Anatomy, Injuries & Nutrition (this module has been postponed)

You will learn the brilliance of the “antagonist muscle theory” and how to employ it to bring forth deep openings and healings.  We will cover muscle intelligence and active stretching within the context of asana.  You will be introduced to esoteric energetic practices, which increase the body’s vitality and resilience.  And, you will experience the benefits of smart nutrition to gain a deep understanding of how our food affects our physical and mental health.

This module will be taught by Robert Boustany, Ellen Heed, and Steve and Talya.  Each of these presenters are originators who have created new ways to solve long-standing human health issues.  Robert developed Pralaya Yoga and has a vast, encyclopedic understanding of how to apply yoga to open and heal the body.  He has been a yogi since the early 1970s.  His original approach helps heal injuries rapidly, especially compared to other lineages.  Ellen’s brilliant fusion of bodywork, scar tissue dissolution, and sexual healing, along with her profound knowledge of the inner workings of the body and digestion, make her a gifted fountain of teachings.  She is a revolutionary in the field of health.  Steve and Talya, creators of Turbodog Yoga, have pioneered an intelligent and truly holistic approach to healing.  'Mind, Body, and Spirit' is not just some overused phrase for them.  They seamlessly weave together physical, energetic, and spiritual practices to bring about rapid and lasting change in students.

Each presenter's program stands alone and can be taken individually for continuing education credit with Yoga Alliance.
View Robert's program in detail
View Ellen's program in detail
View Steve & Talya's program in detail

Intro & Advanced Students (this module has been postponed)
The two groups requiring the greatest level of skill to teach are Intro students and Advanced students. Most people think that teaching beginners is easy, which is why most studio owners give the intro classes to their new teachers. But being both meaningful and effective with these students requires great skill. They need a lot of education about things that actually matter to them and they need a lot of modifications because of their physical limitations. Yes, it is easy to conduct a class for beginners, but conducting and teaching are two very different things.

Working with advanced students - well this one is obvious to most people why teachers would need extra training to be effective and meaningful for this group of students, who may, at times, know more than you do.  So we won't elaborate.

But here's the crux of it -- beginners is an important pool from which you build your student base, and teaching advanced students is how you keep them for many years.

Our Expectations

If you are reading about this training, you probably feel called to bring more to this world.  This program will take you on a journey that will carry you beyond teaching into leadership.  Taking on such a role comes with responsibility.  We expect and require you to serve as an example of what a powerful life can be; to embody such qualities as follow-through, integrity, open-mindedness, open-heartedness, and curiosity; and to exhibit a consistent desire to learn, grow, and teach.  

This program will help you refine your skills and will encourage you to fully embrace your leadership role in the yoga community. To receive a graduation certificate, you will be responsible for 100% attendance and assignment completion.

Must have completed any 200hr yoga teacher training program


Full program: $5,000 (payment plans available)
Individual Module: $1,500

* You can pay for each module as you go and if you complete all 4 with one year, you will receive the $1,000 discount when you sign up for the last module.

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Our style of yoga:
Turbodog Yoga, created by Steve & Talya, is on the cutting edge of yoga.  It is a strength-building practice based on the latest scientific understanding of how muscles lengthen and open, and it is the only system that uses asymmetrical sequencing to repair imbalances in the body.  It is a modern approach  designed to address modern life’s physical demands.  It recognizes that modern life also comes fraught with daily emotional challenges and it answers these by folding ancient indigenous ceremonies and rituals into the asana practice.  It is an exciting and super effective approach. Students enjoy meaningful and lasting results.  You will be blown away!
"I hate to sound cliche, but it is not an exaggeration when I say that Steve and Talya changed my life. With their unparalleled expertise, loving discipline, and compassion, I was able to "drop my shields," and be who I truly am, not only as a yoga teacher but as a person as well. I now live my life and teach my classes in a world of true, genuine and humble confidence and trust, rather than some false bravado of what I thought I was supposed to be."

-- Megan Kling, Yoga Teacher