JUNE 10 & 11, 2014
Part of the Turbodog Yoga 500hr Certification Teacher Training (open to non-teachers)
Also counts toward Continuing Education hours for Yoga Alliance
Turbodog Yoga, Chicago, IL

When it comes to what to eat now it can be a jungle out there! Rediscover your authentic appetite, how to love satisfying it, and learn how you can mop up the damage from a lifetime of questionable choices in this provocative, practical class.
In the tangle of conflicting information from “experts” of every stripe, who do you trust? Are you overwhelmed by the search for quick health-fixes, or do you end up back where you started: caving in to the cravings that control your behavior and dictate your desires?
Is your system so confused that you’ve totally lost connection to your body’s authentic appetite? Maybe you never had it to begin with, or maybe you thought it wasn’t possible to actually love what is good for you… This class will address these and many other heart-burning questions ☺ in 2 days!
Day 1:
What’s the best food for my body-type?
What IS my body-type & why does is matter?
Why do I crave food that’s wrong for me? What happens to all that food anyway?

Your faithful Anatomy-Mistress Ellen will teach you the juicy bits that matter about digestion and absorption. She knows the latest science about the importance of gut flora and how it affects your health and behavior. Like how your “gut-bugs” create your cravings, immunity and moods…including autoimmune issues, depression, bi-polar disorder, learning disorders, eating disorders, anxieties, autism, PMS, and other challenges. And how you can get those bugs back to work to improve your health, instead of seducing you (once again) onto the Crazy-Train of cravings.

Day 2:
What is cleansing?
How do I know the right cleanse for me?
How do I know when I’m “clean”?

There are hundreds of cleanse protocols. There is also a safe and effective cleanse sequence unique to every person. Find out what’s right for you, when to slow your cleanse down, when to power through, and how to know when you’ve hit your target. In this interactive class, Cleanse-Mistress Ellen will reveal tips and techniques for a gut-flora cleanse that can resolve acid reflux. From colon cleanses, liver and gallbladder flushes, kidney flushes, and lymphatic drainage, on down to how to cleanse each and every single cell wall, get the skinny on your whole-body mop-up. From macro to micro, upgrade your organ function using well-proven holistic methods that deliver, all in a language your body can understand.

Training Schedule

8am to 6pm with a 1 hour lunch-break

Investment: $550

(cost of the entire module, which includes 2 days on post-partum and injuries with Steve & Talya and 3 days of advanced anatomy and injury healing with Robert Boustany, is $1,500)

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