JUNE 15 & 16, 2014
Part of the Turbodog Yoga 500hr Certification Teacher Training (open to non-teachers)
Also counts toward Continuing Education hours for Yoga Alliance
Turbodog Yoga, Chicago, IL

Students come to us in all different states, including being injured, being pregnant, having just survived surgery, having just given birth. During these times, when students are at their most vulnerable and need the most guidance, you can emerge as someone who has the skill to legitimately assist them. You can help your students find relief, find healing, and find comfort. When you are able to step up in this way, the relationships you develop with your students grow much deeper and are rooted in a trust that transcends a workout. Their loyalty and connection to you will expand your business, as well as your confidence.

This portion of the program is packed with tangible, accessible, and highly effective tools that will grow your reach far beyond merely leading vinyasas or quoting sutra. Even if you are not a teacher, these sessions are designed to help you use your practice to become a creative healer for yourself. The ability to care for yourself and/or your loved ones in these extraordinary situations is a gift that will continue to unfold over a lifetime.

Post-partum care is so necessary, and missing from our psyche. Common conditions include abdominal atrophy, diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles), and emotional and physical trauma. Most post-partum women (and yoga teachers, for that matter) are unaware that many common yoga poses can hinder the healing process or even exacerbate the problem. There are very specific things that are necessary for healing, and you will leave with an understanding of those physical and psychological/emotional processes. The information you will learn is also applicable to healing from virtually any abdominal surgery.

When we have any injury, physical or emotional, and are working on healing within a yoga practice, a key piece is to be a compassionate, creative problem solver. You will learn a step-by-step methodology for how to adapt a practice to address whatever healing is necessary. As a bonus, you will walk out of this program with an arsenal of ideas that have worked in actual past situations.

Training Schedule

8am to 6pm with a 1 hour lunch-break

Investment: $550

(cost of the entire module, which includes 2 days on nutrition with Ellen Heed and 3 days of advanced anatomy and injury healing with Robert Boustany, is $1,500)

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