"I started yoga at Turbodog in my 60s and and it has corrected a condition that was going to require surgery…I drive to class from the suburbs, 1 hour each way, and it is absolutely worth it!"

-Linda Estrada

Our Online Classes:

These online classes are here to help you keep up with your Turbodog Yoga practice regardless of where you are in the world, allowing you to stay current with what we're working on. Use them as you would regular classes, taking them regularly and frequently for the best results. On days you don't have time for a full practice, check out the 20-30min yoga snacks.

When you order a class it is available to you for 24 hours.  You can take it as many times as you want during that time.  At the end of each week the class will move to the "last week" tab (just in case you want to take it again) and then it will move to "week before."  After that, it will no longer be available.

To help you get started, here is a free online class for you try out.

The class from the week before last:

A 1.5 hr groin, hip and class with Talya

Classes are free with your Turbodog Yoga membership.