Devi 2000: KumKum
Steve produced the long awaited new Devi 2000 cd!!! Genre-busting groovy chants with Latino, Indian, African, as well as back-porch Americana influences that immediately put you in a great mood. Use them to invigorate your yoga practice, to spice up your car rides, to enliven your parties, etc.
CD: $15

MP3: $12

2 Forrest Yoga Medicine Chants
Perfect for ceremony, to start your day off with a smile, to re-live your transformative Forrest Yoga Teacher Training, or to simply plug in to the Forrest Yoga community. Set your intent, then energize it by singing and drumming with us!
MP3: $10
3 Drone Liberation: Organism
A 45 minute piece perfect for personal meditation or yoga class. An American-ized take on raga, Organism carries you on a journey through both India as well as rural USA.

MP3: $12

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Music feeds the Spirit!
It's playful, it's exhilarating, it's calming, it gets you out of your head ... just like yoga!

Having played a variety of instruments and styles since the age of 10, Steve Emmerman now focuses primarily on kirtan – a huge source of inspiration and creativity. In a world that stifles self-expression, kirtan encourages all voices to be heard!

In the 90s, after joining a huge insane funk band called Marvin Tate's D-Settlement with his electrified cello, fellow bandmate and yogi Debi Winston-Buzil asked him if he'd be interested in playing some chant music. What started as a few people sitting around practicing Bhakti Yoga turned into a band called Devi 2000 and a deep love for chanting.

Steve Emmerman has been playing kirtan for over a decade now with Devi 2000, as well as having toured internationally with Dave Stringer, played with Krishna Das, Suzanne Sterling, Bhagavan Das, Girish, Ram Dass, and Russil Paul.